Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Today I had a slow start.  I think that I may have had a little food poisoning last night.  Mama and I bought some tilapia a couple days day ago, so I think it may have been a little bit old or something. Maybe we waited to long to cook it? I'm not really sure!  I felt bad enough this morning that I skipped my workout.  You know if I skip my workout that something is wrong because I love my classes!

I finally started feeling better around lunchtime, which is great because I met a girlfriend of mine for lunch at Calypso Café.  I’ve mentioned Calypso to you all before because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. I eat there all the time!  I ordered what I usually eat which is a black bean, white meat chicken salad, and unsweet tea.

After lunch I had a couple meetings and then the SNOW came!!  It came down so fast! Like all of my fellow Nashvillians, I hurried to the grocery store to buy dog food and something for me to eat for dinner. I knew I needed to find something tonight that was pretty bland and plain, so I bought a pack of Shirataki noodles.  Shirataki noodles are very thin, low carb, low calorie, Japanese noodles.  They really do not taste like anything, so you have to add your own foods/spices to the noodles. I normally add a marinara sauce with grilled chicken and make a healthy, Italian meal.  That’s basically what I did tonight but I forgot the marinara at the grocery store so I just had the noodles with grilled chicken and I added cheese on the top. 

Shirataki noodles are a “go-to” food for me.  If I cant think of anything else to cook, they are easy to prepare, and pretty good for me. I had lemonade flavored vitamin water zero with my dinner....         I LOVE THIS DRINK!  

It has such a great taste to it and if I want something sweet, this is very satisfying. 

Also with my dinner, I cheated a little bit.  Mama had fried pickles on the table sitting right in front of me.  Those pickles would NOT stop calling my name so I had about 4 of them!!  THEY WERE RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!! 

I’m heading to bed soon.  It’s about 10pm and I want to sleep good tonight.  I think today was actually a great day until those pickles starting calling me! Like I always say, you gotta live sometimes!! 

Oh yeah, I didn't have a diet drink today! That's an accomplishment in itself!! 

I hope to get to the gym in the morning but the roads may be covered with ice and snow.  Anita offered to pick me up so I’m going to text her about that and then go to bed!! Gnite!


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  2. Diet??? Are you serious? If there was ever anyone who did NOT need to diet it would be you! Now I need to lose about 100 pounds - and started working on it a couple of weeks ago. You stay the way you are - beautiful!

    Still your # 1 fan!!

  3. never had a fried pickle, but they look good! fried food is a weakness of mine :)