Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday February 22nd 2011

I woke up this morning at 5:45am instead of 5am!  It was nice to sleep a little bit longer.  Chains is off this week so I decided to run the trails this morning instead.  At 6am, I ate a little bit of my Cabot, reduced fat cheddar cheese with vitamin water and I headed to the trails!

We ran 4.5 miles and then I headed back home to eat some breakfast. I made my usual egg white omelet with Morningstar veggie sausage and more cheese.  I’m realizing as I type these journals that I eat lots of that cheese. It sure is good though!

At 9:15am, another girlfriend of mine asked me to run another 2.5 miles trail.  I had time this morning, so I did it! It was a slower run because my legs were a little tired from this morning.

Around 11:30 am I had a lunch meeting at one of my favorite spots in Nashville.  It’s called “The Chill Spot”.  The Chill Spot is a pretty healthy restaurant with mainly salads and wraps.  I ordered a chicken Philly wrap on wheat without the Swiss cheese and I had a side salad with it.  I didn’t eat most of the actual wheat wrap but it was good!  I must add too, the Chill Spot has good scenery!  A few GOOD LOOKING men came in to eat lunch in there.  One looked so good, I couldn’t focus on my food!  I just kept staring!  So girls, if you come to Nashville, go to the Chill Spot for lunch and you might have the same scenery I did! 

I left at 1pm to meet my sister for an appointment she had today.  I stayed with her till about 3:30pm and made my way to the studio to do final mix tweaks on my new songs. Around 4pm, I had my think thin protein bar.
Around 5:30pm, I was getting hungry again so I had about 5 almonds! I’m trying to slow down on the almonds but I’m pretty addicted to them!!
Mama called me around 6pm and asked me if I wanted to meet her at the Bonefish Grill for dinner.  We love the Bonefish so I said YES!  When I arrived, Mama was already sitting down and had ordered us some Bang Bang shrimp.  Bang Bang Shrimp is one of the appetizers Bonefish is famous for.  It’s fried shrimp with a kick to it!!  I had about 3-4 of those shrimp and then some of the bread they brought to the table.
I ordered a grilled salmon salad for dinner. The salad had tomato, asparagus, goat cheese, and citrus vinaigrette dressing on the side.  It was great!!  I think we got home around 9pm tonight! My sweet tooth appeared again so I had a few cocoa almonds!!  I’m going to bed soon!  I have Sick Monkey class in the morning!! 
Good Night!!!

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