Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday February 7, 2011

Day after the Super Bowl!

It sure was hard to wake up this morning!!
After only 5 hours of sleep last night, I woke up at 5:15am and left for the gym at 5:30am.

I grabbed water for my workout, Diet Mountain Dew, and I heated up a Morningstar sausage patty to eat on my drive to the gym.

My 6am class today was called T.A.S.K (Teamwork-Agility-Strength-Kinesis).

In TASK we had about a 10- minute warm-up and then a 15- station circuit that we completed two times.  Each station was 45 seconds long and we had a 15 second rest period between each station.There were so many stations that I’m not sure if I can remember all of them but here are a few:

  • Squat press
  • Stair running
  • Forward lunge on both legs w/squat thrust
  • A shoulder exercise (hold weights in both hands with your arms out to each side and make little circles)
  • Push-ups
  • Hamstring curl w/the ball
  • Right & left side glute bridges
  • Ladder drill
  • Leg flutters (for lower abdominals)
  • Squats holding and pushing out a weighted medicine ball
  • Floor plank (rotated our body weight from right arm to left arm while holding plank)
  • Ball plank (hold plank on a ball and with control, roll the ball forwards and backwards for abdominals).  

I know I am leaving out some of the exercises in this rotation but that’s the majority of the ones that we did.

After the rotation we took a few minutes for some leg exercises.  We did 24 regular squats, 24 lunges, 24 lunge jumps, and 24 squat jumps. 

After TASK class, I stayed for yoga class from 7-8am.

I went home after class and ate breakfast around 9am. I had egg whites and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

At around 1pm, I had the other ½ of my entrĂ©e from Cheesecake Factory on Sunday.  I had tomato slices, spinach, and a grilled chicken breast.  I also had a few almonds and water to drink.

Around 4:30pm, I had more almonds.  I love the sea salt almonds from Costco and Cocoa flavored almonds.  I switch back and forth between the two.

I did kickboxing class between 6-7pm.  Class tonight was really difficult!  Anita always mixes it up for us so it’s NEVER easy! I keep telling her she needs to make an exercise video because her classes are SO AWESOME! 

I got home at around 7:45pm and I wasn’t really hungry.  I decided to eat a few almonds and a little bit of Mama’s Mexican casserole that I had the other day. 

My Favorites!!!!!!
Overall, I think today was a pretty good day. There are two things that I should probably change in my diet.  I know I probably eat too many almonds.  They are just easy so I grab those on the go.  Also, I should have probably not eaten that Mexican casserole for dinner.  It was a little heavy for nighttime.  

Oh, and I probably should get more sleep at night!!  
I was really feeling how tired I am today! 

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