Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday February 8, 2011

Hey y’all!  My days always start out the same way it seems, but I want to tell them to you anyway!

I woke up at 5:15am and left my house by 5:30 to head to chains class.  I ate my Morningstar sausage on the way to class, drank diet Mt. dew, and had a few almonds! 

Chains class was so hard today!  I’ve been training with Matt & Anita for a few years now and today was the first time I might have said something inappropriate because it was SO HARD!  You should have seen Matt laughing!  He was so shocked! He said, “You always smile through these workouts!  I can’t believe I finally got to ya!” 

We started off the class jumping rope, then we did frog jumps while holding a weighted ball over our heads for the length of the gym…back and forth, 5 or 6 times (that’s what got me)!!  We did several more cardio type exercises for the warm-up.  The warm-up felt like half of the class! I honestly thought it would never end!! Everyone was sweating before the workout ever even started!

Matt set up a strength training circuit for us.  Working both upper and lower body with ab exercises in between each set.  We probably did this circuit 4 times through and each circuit was totally different exercises.  For the last circuit, he included the shake weight as a station.  Have y’all seen that commercial on TV?  When I saw that station I could not stop laughing!  Matt wanted to have fun with us because it had been such a hard workout.  I’m telling you, every time I think about class this morning, I laugh!  What was so funny was watching one of the guys in class do it.  He was so embarrassed that he turned his back to everyone.  I did too! 

After class, I hurried home and showered.  I met my friend at 9am for breakfast at Bread & Co.  Bread & Co is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Nashville.  I always get the garden vegetable omelet.  This is an egg white omelet with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and feta cheese in it.  I always tell them to go easy on the feta.  I drank coffee with my omelet!

After breakfast, I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  The exam went great but my dentist asked me if I had been drinking soft drinks.  I admitted that I had been drinking diet coke and diet mountain dews.  He told me to try and not drink them as much anymore! He said even if they are diet, they aren’t good for your teeth.  I had no idea!  I knew soft drinks weren’t good for you but I thought that diet was ok.  He says they are ok every once in a while.

After my dentist appointment, I headed to the studio to do a little bit of recording.  On my way to the studio, I stopped at Publix and had a salad from the deli. It was something called the Chinese chopped chicken salad.  It had grilled chicken on it, cucumber, some little crunchy sticks (I loved those), snap pea pods, scallions, and lime-citrus dressing on the side.  I also bought some Stacey’s pita chips to eat with it.  I was craving salt today!  I probably ate about half of the salad with an unsweet tea and then headed to the studio.

I was in the studio til about 5:30pm and was STARVING when I left!  On the way home I had the rest of my Stacey’s pita chips! 

Around 7-730pm tonight, I walked in the house and Mama had made one of my favorite meals!  Baked crab stuffed tilapia!  I ate one piece of it and now I am about it go to bed!  It’s about 10pm, which is early for me to go to bed, but I think I need the sleep!!

I think today was a pretty good day! I’m going to take the no diet drink thing to heart though!  After I left the dentist today, I didn’t have any more of the diet mt. dew I had in my car!  Just water and unsweet tea for me!!!  Also, I probably shouldn’t have had the pita chips.  I didn’t need them, but I wanted them when I saw them in Publix!! 

Tomorrow's a new day!!  Gnite yall!!

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  1. You got pretty teeth!!!:)
    Good luck witht the soft drinks! I don't have any cause I don't like it. I like Perrier water instead, even the citrus or lime ones. There is no sugar, nor salt (well just a little sodium, not much) and it makes the same effect as the bubbles in softdrinks! My husband has been trying to quit softdrinks for a while now and he has almost stopped. He sometimes has some, but not much anymore!!!
    Good luck sweety!!!