Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday February 5th 2011

It's Saturday so I didn't have to wake up as early…YAY!  I planned to meet my friends on the trail at 8:30am so I woke up between 8 - 8:15am. I got dressed and headed to the trails. I drank some water and ate a few almonds on my drive there.
From 8:30-9:45am we ran a 4.5 mile trail.  Although running the trail is never easy to me, I felt pretty good today!! I had lots to talk to my friends about and taking my mind off how hard those hills are really helps!
I got back home around 10am and needed to leave my house by 11:30am for Get Fit TN so I got ready to go and ate my breakfast around 11am. I had egg whites, low fat cheddar cheese, and a morning star sausage patty. Breakfast was good and I knew it was important because I would be busy today until around 4pm.

After the Get Fit TN program, we headed back to Nashville. There weren’t lots of healthy eating options on the way back but  we stopped at Sonic and I ordered a grilled chicken wrap with a diet coke. It was great!!

Around 7:30 - 8pm I ate a little bit of Mexican casserole that Mama made.  She made it with whole wheat tortillas, lean ground beef, salsa and low fat cheese.  IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!
I know I am bias but my Mama can cook!!!!!  SHE IS GREAT! She also made homemade banana pudding but I didn't have any of it!  That was hard to do!

I think I did pretty good today. Although we ate fast food, I think I picked one of the better options offered at Sonic.  It’s about 12:30am now and I’m heading to bed!! 


  1. You sound like you don't sleep alot... I don't either with 2 little kids, but I don't know how you do wake up so early.... I just cannot function that early... I need some of that great motivation of yours!!!

  2. i'm a guy and slightly heavy. not doing bikini thing but you are an inspiration. i may not do weights ect but i am gonna try to eat healthy and walk each day. i do do odd exercises already. with my work sced it's hard to eat healthy but we shall try more.

    for the record,i met you a couple yrs ago in alabama. you've always looked great and seem very nice !


  3. Hello Julie!
    I gotta say that I always showed your pictures to my friends, 'cause I always thought you ARE gorgeous!! But we need to feel good about ourselves and it's great what you're doing for you! Keep on working this out! But don't forget your music, please! LOL

    I'm brazilian so I'm far away from Nashville area and everything, but I love country music and country female singers and you are one of my favorite! Both your albums are on that 'favorites EVER' for me! So, seeing you writing about your life and that stuff is amazing to me, cause i'm so far away but somehow I feel close, like I knew you somehow, more than as a singer, but as a person!

    I wish ALL the best in this 'bikini body' and I'll be here reading your blog to see how it's going!

    Best wishes, and may God keep blessing you fully.

    (PS: When you said in your first post that you wanted to go to some tropical place I thought "BRAZIL!", but you already found a place to go to! Too bad for me LOL)