Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 26, 2011

Today was a very busy day!  My friend Danielle is in town from Minneapolis and she loves working out as much as me so we packed our morning with workouts!

We woke up today at 7am.  I had a yogurt with blueberries and one cup of coffee.  We met two of my girlfriends on the trails at 8am and ran 4.5 miles. After our run, I ate an apple.  I love gala apples!  This was the first time Danielle has ever run trails and I think she loved it, despite the fact it was so muddy out there!

From 1030-1200, we did a Bikram hot yoga class.  I haven’t done hot yoga in at least a month so this class was challenging for me today.  After class, I was starving but still had a couple errands to run before we could eat lunch.
Finally at 2pm, we went to Calypso Café and I had the lucayan salad and black beans.  The lucayan salad has romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, almonds, and chicken on it.  I asked for the light vinaigrette dressing on the side. 
After lunch, I was ready for a nap, but never really found a minute to sleep.  
At 5pm, I had a think thin protein bar. 
Tonight, we went out to celebrate Lorie’s birthday at Urban Flats. I’ve been looking forward to Urban Flats since we planned the party a few weeks ago.  Urban Flats has flatbread pizza and I LOVE IT!!  We all met at 8pm for her birthday and I ordered the Californian flatbread pizza.  It had chicken, goat cheese, spice walnuts, and a raspberry sauce on it!  I almost ate the entire pizza!  IT WAS SO AWESOME. Oh yeah, I also had red wine, some of the hummus appetizer, and a piece of Lorie’s strawberry birthday cake!  Becker’s Bakery in Nashville made the cake and it was great too!! 
After dinner, we all went out dancing for a little bit! I haven’t done that in years, but Lorie wanted to, so we did!  I probably got home around 12:30 or 1am.  Danielle and I were hungry again so we had chips and salsa right before we went to bed!! 

Today started off great on my plan!  I ate healthy and exercised and then tonight, I lost my will-power and ate whatever I wanted to eat!  I figured since it was my sister’s birthday I could celebrate too!  It was a fun night!  Gnite y’all!!

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