Monday, March 7, 2011

March 2, 2011

I woke up in a panic today!!  I totally forgot to set my alarm last night and happened to hear Mama’s alarm going off at 5:28am.  
I am normally driving to the gym by 5:30am, so I was rushing around and I actually made it out the door by 5:34am!  When I saw the time was 5:28am, I was so tempted to just sleep but I got up!

On the drive to the gym, I ate ½ of a Think Thin protein bar.
From 6-7am, I took Sick Monkey class and from 7-7:30am I ran 3 miles on the road.
After class, I stopped by Starbuck’s for a coffee and did some grocery shopping at Kroger. I spent 96.00 on food JUST for me!! This eating healthy stuff is EXPENSIVE, but I know it’s worth it! By 9am, I had my post-workout meal of an egg-white omelet with low-fat cheddar cheese. 

Today, I spent lots of time trying to decide on the Beatles song I would sing at the CRS after party on Friday night.  I decided on singing “Yesterday” and have been working on an arrangement for it all day.

At 1pm, I had a turkey sandwich with cheese on whole wheat bread and some blue corn tortilla chips with salsa.
At 4pm, I ate the other half of my protein bar and headed to my Bikram Hot yoga class. Class was from 430-6pm.  Great class tonight!!

At 6:30pm I had some more almonds while I waited to see what Lorie wanted for dinner.  Today is her actual birthday so we ate from Calypso Café. At 8pm I had a pulled bbq chicken breast plate with greens and black beans.

It’s about 10:15pm and I’m going to sleep!  
Tomorrow is going to be a great day for me!  I am working in the studio with Gordon Mote!  I haven’t seen Gordon in a few years and I just love his work and I love his soul!  He is a talented man and a wonderful person!! 

Good night!

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