Monday, March 7, 2011

March 1, 2011

I woke up ready to go at 5am this morning!  I told you I was excited about the new chains class beginning so it wasn’t a struggle at all for me to get out of the bed!!

At 5am, I had a 100-calorie pack of oatmeal with fresh blueberries on it and also a few almonds.   I used to eat oatmeal all of the time but kind of got out of the habit of eating it.  I’m going to try eating it again because I actually like it a lot and it’s very healthy for me.

From 6-7am, I did Chains class.  It was tough because I didn’t have chains at all last week.  We did a 4-chain station circuit and each station had 4 different exercises within it. We did each exercise for a minute and did the entire circuit several times and we also did an extra abdominal workout.  I normally try to run about 3 miles after chains, but today I needed to go home and rest! 

I waited a little too long to eat my post workout meal because I got busy with phone calls, emails, etc. Finally, around 9am, I had an egg white omelet with veggie sausage, low-fat cheddar cheese, and also a few more almonds. 

At 11am, I met my friend for a 4-mile road run.  We were talking the entire time and she kept saying we were running faster today, but I didn’t notice that until we were finished and my legs were SO SORE!  It was a beautiful day to run…I can’t wait for spring weather!! 

At 1pm, I had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard and hummus on it. I had some blue corn tortilla chips with my sandwich.
I was at the studio today from 2-7pm so I packed my snacks that I would need there. I have come to learn that when trying to eat healthy, it’s better to be prepared and have healthy options with you.  Otherwise, you will opt for an easier, unhealthy choice.
At 4:30pm, I had a Luna bar and at 6:45pm, I had more almonds.

Mama asked me to meet her at a Pilates class tonight, so I left the studio and was back at the gym for class from 7:30-8:30pm.
I was finally home by 8:45pm and I fixed me another egg-white omelet with peppers and low-fat cheese in it for dinner.
My body is worn out tonight. It’s about 9:45pm now and I’m headed to bed!  Good Night!!

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