Saturday, March 5, 2011

FEBRUARY 27, 2011

I woke up at 8am this morning!  I thought I would’ve slept a little longer, but I guess my internal clock wakes me up!

At 8:30am, I ate a few cocoa almonds and had a cup of coffee.  Danielle slept in a little later than I did so when she got up at 10:30am, I ate breakfast.  I had two egg whites with Low-fat cheddar cheese, and another cup of coffee.

At noon, we ran a 5-mile run on the road. She is coming back to town for the ½ marathon in April, so we did part of the course so she would be familiar with it when she’s running it. It was a nice run down music row, the Vanderbilt area, and west end.  I loved it!

At 2pm, we went to taco Mamacita’s for lunch.  Of course, we had chips and salsa (am I addicted or what?), and then I had turnip greens, black bean & corn salad, and a rotisserie chicken breast.  Lunch was great!!

Tonight, we decided we did not need to eat out again so I just had some sliced turkey, couple pieces of cheese, hummus, and some pita chips. 

Today was kind of a relaxed day! My eating wasn’t great, but I wanted to just chill out with Danielle and do what she wanted to do.  I had an awesome weekend with her here! Sad she is leaving tomorrow. We are getting up at 5am so I’m heading to bed now and it’s before 10pm!! Gnite!

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